Select a warranty from BGC Expert Contractors in Cary, Southport, or Garner, NC

Every project comes with unknowns. That's why BGC Expert Contractors extends several warranty options to clients in Garner, NC and surrounding areas. You'll be able to rest assured knowing that you've got an expert team on the job who will guarantee high-quality results no matter what. Discover which of our warranties is right for you by contacting our team today.

Choose the warranty that is right for you

It may feel overwhelming to figure out what warranty you want, but don't stress. Our team offers several options, including...

  • Manufacturing Defect Coverage
  • Workmanship Coverage
  • Peace of Mind Coverage
Each coverage option is available in levels of "Typical", "Good", "Better" and "Best." Your coverage may vary by which level you choose, but our experts can help you navigate the difference between our warranties and levels. Call 919-926-8553 now to consult our team on the right warranty for your project.